11 July 2024

Ti-Mousse Families Love La Jacques-Cartier’s Family-Friendly Outdoor Attractions!

With so many options to choose from, there’s no way you’ll be bored! It’s an ideal family destination in all four seasons. Written by Ti-Mousse dans Brousse

Experience a Wonderful Vacation of Family-Friendly Outdoor Attractions

The vast wealth of nature and great beauty of La Jacques-Cartier make it an incredible playground to explore with your little sprouts. You will find family-friendly outdoor attractions all around!

This summer, we had the chance to discover the magnificent Élevage De Lessard mini horse farm and revisit two of the region’s top attractions: the Marais du Nord and Jacques-Cartier National Park.

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier en famille
@Ti-mousse dans Brousse, Expérience mini-chevaux

At Élevage De Lessard, the owner, Caroline, gives you a warm welcome and shares her passion for mini horses. It’s impossible not to fall under the spell of the adorable animals. As my 8-year-old sprout said, they’re just “too cute!”

The authentic experience involves petting, brushing, walking, and feeding the minis, all while learning about the magnificent little creatures. It’s like something straight out of a storybook!

The rustic setting is peaceful, and although visitors are asked to leave the premises after the activity, you can round out the excursion with a picnic at nearby Parc du Grand-Héron.

Family-Friendly Outdoor Attractions _ Ti-Mousse dans Brousse
@Ti-Mousse dans Brousse, Marais du Nord

The Marais du Nord now offers immersive trails to enhance your experience, with informative panels displaying QR codes that lead to audio clips. These useful educational tools will equip you with the knowledge to teach your wee ones about the ecological environments you’re discovering together.

To encourage little legs to explore the fantastic trails and cross the park’s many bridges, download the Cherche et Trouve (for ages 3–5) and the Rallye du Héron (for ages 6–15) activity sheets for family fun in this unique and fascinating ecosystem. We really appreciate the area’s accessibility for young families.

The stroller-friendly paths and low difficulty make it a perfect choice for a gentle introduction to the pastime.

Last but not least, the renowned Jacques-Cartier National Park is a popular place for active families to enjoy their favourite family-friendly outdoor attractions.

Affordable Activities _ Family-friendly outdoor attractions
@Ti-Mousse dans Brousse

Its breathtaking landscapes are visible from vantage points that are easy for little sprouts to access, so that you can have grand adventures with even the smallest of adventurers. The site is spectacular all year round, but there’s a little extra touch of magic in fall, with colourful leaves, flourishing mushrooms, and comfortable weather for being active.

The Cascades and Tourbière trails are great options for those just starting out.

We really like what’s on offer for families, which is constantly being improved. The experience is truly comprehensive, with reserved parking, equipment loans, a play area at reception, the play structure in the Belleau picnic area, tubing in the winter, discovery workshops, and more.

Did you know that the new Sentier des curieux opened in 2024, with themed modules?

Enjoy your family fun where family-friendly outdoor attractions are all around! 🌿