8 July 2024

7 Affordable Activities to Enjoy as a Family

With costs rising everywhere, it stands to reason that most of us are keeping a closer eye on our spending. That being said, there’s no need to cut back on family vacations and summer activities! In La Jacques-Cartier, there’s plenty to do that’s free or budget friendly. Here are our top ideas for fun activities that won’t break the bank!

Photo : Amélie Floriot, Élevage de Lessard

By : Marilyn Préfontaine

Even with the costs rising everywhere, there’s no need to cut back on family vacations and summer activities!

Discover some great affordable activities to enjoy a budget friendly vacation in La Jacques-Cartier!

1. Take the Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf cycling path

How much? Free.

famille dans la jacques cartier, plein air, station touristique duchesnay, ete, velopiste, velo, velo electrique _ Activités abordables
Photo : Simon Clark, Vélopiste Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf

The only thing you need to explore the Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf cycling path is a bicycle! Access to this fantastic bike path is completely free.

With a gradient of less than 4%, the old railway track is the perfect place for a family bike ride. There are plenty of enchanting picnic spots to enjoy along the way.

Otherwise, affordable restaurants and snack bars can be found nearby.

2. Take a stroll in the Marais du Nord

How much? $6 per adult. A half-day canoe rental costs $25.

Plein Air dans La Jacques-Cartier
Photo : Ti-mousse dans Brousse, Marais du Nord

The Marais du Nord north of Lac Saint-Charles is a unique low-cost experience that includes truly breathtaking scenery.

Home to a variety of plants and wildlife, the splendid park makes a perfect outing for the whole family. With 8 km of well-maintained trails, it’s an ideal place for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

Water sports enthusiasts can also rent canoes and kayaks or take a guided rabaska canoe trip.

3. Make the most of the facilities at Parc du Grand Héron

How much? Access is free. Paddleboard rentals start at $25 for 1 hour.

Parc du Grand Héron été _ Activités abordables
Photo : Jonathan Roy, Parc du Grand Héron

Extending along the banks of the Jacques-Cartier River, Parc du Grand Héron offers a wide selection of activities in a delightful setting.

Visitors can enjoy a picnic by the river, explore the picturesque Chemin de la Liseuse (15 km round trip) by bike or on foot, or send the kids off for some fun at the skatepark. The park also offers volleyball and tennis courts for sports lovers. Children will be delighted by the playgrounds and splash pads.

For those who prefer to just relax, there are plenty of spots to stop and contemplate the natural beauty of the area. Paddleboarders can make use of a tranquil 6 km stretch of river. Whether you own your own board or would like to rent one from Yogi Nomade, easy access to the water is provided so you can enjoy this aquatic activity to the fullest.

4. Visit Camping Stoneham

How much? $8.70 for ages 12 and over and $5.22 for ages 6 to 11.
Tent camping starts from $37.40/night.

Descente de rivière en famille au Camping Stoneham dans la MRC de La Jacques-Cartier
Photo : Geneviève Roussel, Camping Stoneham

We recommend staying overnight to take advantage of the many activities the campsite has to offer! That said, even if you’re not staying overnight, you can still enjoy the activities at Camping Stoneham as a visitor.

Nestled in the mountains and bordered by two rivers, the campsite features a swimming pool supervised by lifeguards and entertaining splash pads.

Kids will also love the huge playground shaped like a pirate ship, the rollerblading track, the zip line, and the mini-golf course. You won’t want to miss the campsite’s main attraction, a river trip in an inflatable boat. Just remember to bring your own inflatable watercraft, since there are no rentals available on site.

5. Climb Mont Wright

How much? $10 per adult. Free for children.

Mont Wright, Randonnée , activités abordables
Photo : Amélie Pellerin, Mont Wright

Mont Wright is a challenge that families will love to take on. This 190-hectare municipal park dedicated to conservation and recreational tourism is home to one of the last examples of old-growth forest on private land in eastern Quebec.

Enjoy 6.5 km of moderate hiking trails with panoramic views and child-friendly rock shelters for a little extra fun during breaks. Interpretive panels also line the route, inviting visitors to learn more about the site’s exceptional features.

Bring a picnic lunch as a reward for when you reach the top!

6. Enjoy the fresh air at Jacques-Cartier National Park

How much? $9.85 per adult. Free for children 17 and under.

Affordable Activities
Photo : Ti-Mousse dans Brousse, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier-Sépaq

Jacques-Cartier National Park is ideal for families in search of adventure.

With over 100 km of hiking trails through landscapes ranging from tranquil riverbanks to yellow birch forests, you’re guaranteed breathtaking views. If you’re looking for adventure, you can also explore the Jacques-Cartier River by canoe, kayak, mini-raft, tube, or paddleboard.

Whether you want a relaxing hike, a white-water rafting excursion, or just a chance to watch the local wildlife, you’re sure to create memorable family moments in this Laurentian wonderland.

7. Take care of miniature horses

How much? From $15 to $60.

Activités Abordables dans La Jacques-Cartier _ Activités à faire en famille
Photo : Amélie Floriot, Élevage de Lessard

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the adorable miniature horses at Élevage De Lessard. The owners invite you to try the Mini Experience, an immersive equestrian activity for animal lovers aged 2 and over.

The experience includes visiting the horses’ enclosure, grooming the minis, providing basic care, feeding them, and even walking them on a leash outside.

A low-cost family adventure that’s off the beaten track!

La Jacques-Cartier, a vast and affordable playground!

Important note: The above rates are subject to change without notice. Information provided by the owner of the tourist attraction takes precedence over this text. Taxes may also be added to the listed amount.