21 February 2024

5 inclusive outdoor activities in La Jacques-Cartier

What could be more enjoyable than taking a breath of fresh air on a beautiful sunny winter morning! If you live with reduces limitations, you can also fully enjoy nature's activities.

Photo : Simon Clark - Kéroul

Winter is an incredible season for outdoor activities. What could be better than taking a breath of crisp, cool air on a sunny morning?

And if you live with functional limitations, you can still enjoy winter to the fullest, since more and more tourist activities are now accessible.

Here are 5 of them in the beautiful Jacques-Cartier region.

1. Outdoor Adventures with Bivouaq Inclusive Travel Agency

keroul simon clark
Photo : Simon Clark – Kéroul

Looking for adventure? The Bivouaq travel agency offers you the opportunity to visit beautiful places all over Québec, including the Jacques-Cartier region.

With their experienced guides and specialized equipment, you’ll get to explore places you thought were inaccessible—all in complete safety.

Alongside a group composed of participants with and without disabilities, you’ll enjoy hiking, climbing, camping, Nordic skiing, and more. Whether you choose to go for a single day, a weekend, or longer, you’ll be sure to meet some memorable people.

2. Snowmobile Expeditions with Nord Expe

Motoneige pour personne à mobilité réduite avec NordExpé situé à Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval dans la région de La Jacques-Cartier

Snowmobiling remains a very popular winter sport. And people with reduced mobility (including paraplegics) can also try the experience!

Nord Expe, in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval offers you the opportunity to ride along the trails and go for guided rides on snowmobiles with specialized seats that provide good back and side support.

There are different packages available for exciting trips in beautiful natural surroundings.

3. Skiing at Stoneham or Lac-Beauport

Ski alpin adapté à la Station touristique Stoneham en collaboration avec la Fondation des sports adaptés du québec. MRC de La Jacques-Cartier

Practicing snow sports while living with a physical limitation is entirely possible!

Since 1995, the Fondation des sports adaptés has been offering an adapted skiing program so that you can glide through the trails of this marvelous mountain while benefiting from specialized equipment.

Certified ASF instructors will teach you various techniques, they will also guide you through different trails and most importantly, they will provide you with exceptional outdoor experiences. Assistance and equipment are available at Stoneham Tourist Station.

At Le Relais Ski Center, you will need to be self-sufficient and have your own equipment. However, the center offers a discount for the person with reduced mobility and their companion.

4. Vacations at Cité Joie

Cité Joie, ski de fond adapté pour les enfants

Did you know that there’s a vacation and respite centre for people with disabilities in Lac-Beauport?

Each year, the non-profit Cité Joie welcomes a multitude of visitors who have physical or intellectual disabilities or an autism spectrum disorder.

Whether it’s for a weekend respite or a spring break camp, the stays are always fun and full of things to do. Expect to experience a host of cultural, artistic, and outdoor activities! For more information on tourism for people with physical limitations, visit the Kéroul website.

5. Paranordic Cross-Country Ski at Sentiers du Moulin

Ski paranordique aux Sentiers du Moulin

The Fondation des sports adaptés provides individuals with functional limitations access to a sled to travel cross-country ski trails with their families.

A first outing with an experienced volunteer instructor will enable the participant and their campanion to learn the basics of skiing independently for future outings. It is essential to have good seated balance and upper body strength to propel yourself, even on uphill slopes.

Please note that the sled model at Sentiers du Moulin is narrow and may not accommodate everyone (maximum weight of pounds, maximum hip width of 17 inched). To use this sled, contact the Fondation des sports adaptés via email. 

For more information about tourism in La Jacques-Cartier for individuals with restricted physical abilities, visit Kéroul’s website.
The Fondation des sports adaptés promotes inclusion through sports, another wonderful team for accessibility to nature.

Photos:  from Kéroul, Audet Photo, Cité Joie
Text: collaboration with L’Éclaireuse