15 March 2024

The 10 Prettiest Cabins in La Jacques-Cartier

Whether it’s summer or winter, renting a cabin with family or friends is a true delight! And when you’re lucky enough to find a getaway with magnificent surroundings, you can enjoy your stay even more.

La Jacques-Cartier is brimming with splendid cabins that promise unique adventures. Here are just a few of the best spots the region has to offer, set against the backdrop of its majestic natural landscape.

1. Yak at the Maelström Mountain

Cabins _ Montagne le Mael;strom _ Tourisme Jacques-Cartier
@Montagne Le Maelstrom, le Yak

While all the cabins on the Maelström Mountain deserve a place on this list, Yak is particularly dazzling. The luxurious refuge is perched at an altitude of 530 metres. It features an elegant hot tub with a spectacular window looking out onto the mountains, so that you can enjoy the view even underwater!

With air conditioning, underfloor heating, and a well-equipped kitchen, it has everything needed to host up to 6 guests in comfort and style.

Bonus: the Maelström mountain cabins provide direct access to the Sentiers du Moulin in the summer and in the winter for mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

2. The Mini Boras at Bora Boréal

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@Bora Boréal

Nestled between the mountains of Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Bora Boréal’s Mini Boras (1 and 2) offer a truly exceptional experience: sleeping in a floating home.

The estate is a peaceful haven where you can recharge your batteries surrounded by nature. The cabins are available year round, with different activities to discover depending on the season.

The private lake is ideal for fishing or kayaking in the summer, and for skating in the winter. You can also go hiking and snowshoeing in the forest nearby. With space for up to 4 guests, this retreat is a place where time seems to stand still.

3. The Oxygène Cabins at Station Touristique Duchesnay

chalet oxygene principale station touristique duchesnay sepaq
@Station touristique Duchesnay – Sépaq

Perched on the shores of the magnificent Saint-Joseph Lake in the heart of the enchanting Station Touristique Duchesnay, the Oxygène cabins and their Scandinavian-inspired architecture are sure to delight. These modern, welcoming accommodations can host 4 to 16 guests, and each one promises a dazzling view of the lake.

The resort offers a wide range of outdoor activities in summer and winter alike, making it a great choice for a family getaway. With dog sledding, snowshoeing, hiking, an indoor pool, a labyrinth, and more, it’s impossible to get bored!

4. Chalet paradis

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@Chalet Paradis

Located in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier, Chalet Paradis is every bit the paradise its name promises! The little hidden treasure’s wooden architecture and magnificent cathedral roof create an ideal atmosphere for unforgettable gatherings.

Hammock, wood-burning fireplace, bar, large porch, covered veranda… this charming chalet has it all. The secluded property in the heart of the woods is also crossed by a stream with a pool for swimming. Paradise, nothing more and nothing less!

5. The Mini Chalets at Le Nordique Spa

img 2694 e1709303864901
@Nordique spa Stoneham

Not only are these mini chalets warm, cozy, and completely adorable, but their location can’t be beat: they’re right on the grounds of Le Nordique Spa. Each 360-square-foot mini chalet designed for two offers cozy comfort with a queen-size bed, full bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen.

Whether you choose to spend time by the propane fireplace, on the spacious covered porch, or at the spa, one thing’s for sure: relaxation is guaranteed!

6. The Pic-Bois, Huard, Geai-Bleu, and Colvert at Domaine Île & Passions

exterieur e1709304245172
@Domaine Île & passions

Nestled near the Jacques-Cartier River in Shannon, the four virtually identical chalets at Domaine Île & Passions are perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.

The property has its own private island, which can be reached by canoe or kayak. Each chalet sleeps 4 and features an outdoor fireplace, wood-burning stove, and covered hot tub: everything you need for a luxurious retreat in the heart of nature!

7. Écho Chalets at Jacques-Cartier National Park

mathieu dupuis parc national de la jacques cartiersepaq e1710509030562
@Mathieu Dupuis, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier – Sépaq

Rustic yet elegant, the Écho chalets at Jacques-Cartier National Park invite you to spend some time in nature. The expansive windows make you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest even when you’re inside.

The chalets have two cozy bedrooms each and can sleep up to 4 people. Featuring a living room with a wood-burning stove and a fully equipped kitchen, they’re perfect for memorable moments with family or friends.

8. Côté Sud

chalet cote sud photo audet photo 2 1 e1710509400294
@Stéphane Audet, Chalet Côté Sud

Le Côté Sud is a bungalow from the ’70s that has been fully renovated for a sleek Scandinavian look. It’s a perfect spot for those who appreciate the charm of minimalist design!

Located right near the river, it offers plenty of activities, including kayaking and paddleboarding in summer. Don’t miss the chance to go snowshoeing in winter!

9. The Chalets Alpins

chalet alpins hiver fb e1709304420174
@Chalets Alpins

There’s no doubt about it: Les Chalets Alpins are the best choice when visiting La Jacques-Cartier with a large group of friends or family. These superb chalets can sleep up to 30 people.

They are sure to impress with their bright and spacious rooms, their attention to detail, and the privacy they offer.

10. Elyha from Vandredi

Vandredi location _ Plus beaux chalets
@Amélie Pellerin, Vandredi

We’ve got one little exception for the road. Vandredi isn’t actually a chalet—it’s a van rental service based in La Jacques-Cartier.

Elyha, the project’s flagship van, boasts exceptional design, a Russian cherry wood interior, and unrivalled luxury.

Equipped with solar panels and rechargeable batteries, Elyha offers all the home comforts without the need for propane. With two double beds, an outdoor shower, dry toilets, smart heating, and more, this van is the ideal option for exploring the region with total freedom!

What’s your favorite Cabin in La Jacques-Cartier?

Written by L’Éclaireuse