13 February 2024

Savour the Beers of La Jacques-Cartier!

Explore the microbreweries of La Jacques-Cartier, where you’ll find exceptional flavours and places to unwind after a big day in the great outdoors.

Discover the microbreweries ans the beers of La Jacques-Cartier, where passionate brewers combine creative brewing with the spirit of outdoor adventure.

In this Québec region full of natural beauty, 3 exceptional microbreweries are particularly renowned: La Souche, Alpenstock, and Archibald. Each offers plenty of unique flavours in an enchanting landscape.

La Souche Stoneham

Rooted in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, La Souche draws its inspiration directly from the local environment.

Its beers, such as “Mont Wright,” “Fondeur,” and “Joggeuse,” pay homage to the natural splendour that surrounds the microbrewery. Each brew is made with meticulously selected ingredients, offering an experience where every sip tells a story.

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@La Souche Microbrewery

Alpenstock Microbrewery

The recent opening of Alpenstock microbrewery in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier has infused fresh life into the beer scene, creating a tasting circuit from east to west.

In just a few months, Alpenstock has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike with its delicious, high-quality beers.

The brewery also boasts a vibrant music scene, hosting performances by local artists regularly. Fun, entertainment, incredible local flavours—the perfect ingredients for a great night out!

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Archibald Microbrewery

Archibald microbrewery got its start in Lac-Beauport, and its branch there offers a cozy chalet atmosphere surrounded by outdoor activities.

After spending the day outside (downhill skiing, hiking, snow tubing, golf, mountain biking, or paddleboarding), this welcoming spot is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a pint of your favourite beer alongside a hearty, satisfying meal.


In short, the microbreweries of La Jacques-Cartier don’t just offer exceptional beers—they create unique experiences that are in harmony with the beauty and vitality of the region.

Come visit our vast outdoor playground and check out some of our best spots to unwind with friends after your exertions!