13 January 2022

Discover Bonhomme’s Playground!

Québec City is Bonhomme’s home, and has been since the day he was born in 1954.

Photo: Audet Photo

Bonhomme has always kept a low profile about it, but this year, he wanted to invite everyone to explore his backyard: La Jacques-Cartier! It’s where he goes to relax and let loose, because there’s no shortage of snow here. Let’s just say he feels in his element!

Find Bonhomme’s lost items in La Jacques-Cartier!

Bonhomme always gets a bit overexcited as Carnaval approaches. That’s why, from January 6 to 30, he’s opening up the gates to his backyard to help you get into the Carnaval spirit. The last time he strolled through La Jacques-Cartier, he left some of his things behind in his favourite spots.

Explore the region and find the objects Bonhomme has left behind.

Whenever you find one, take a photo and post it to social media, using the hashtags #carnavalqc and #MyBiggestPlayground. You’ll also be helping Bonhomme recover his things in time for Carnaval.

How to play:

The more secret words you find, the better your chances of winning one of the following prizes:

  • $100 gift card to Manoir du Lac Delage
  • 2 annual passes to Jacques-Cartier National Park
  • Empire 47 Fatbike experience for 2

Bonhomme’s favourite places in La Jacques-Cartier:

1. Jacques-Cartier National Park

Carnaval is always a busy time for Bonhomme. Just before the festivities begin, he likes to walk through the forest to get some fresh air and watch the animals. He has also taken to snapping photos while out on the trails, but the last time he went, he forgot his camera at the park.  His last photo taken is at the Pont Belleau.

Can you figure out where he left his camera?

2. Empire 47 and Manoir du Lac Delage

Since his first time rolling down the streets of Québec City on a fat bike, Bonhomme has become quite skilled at this winter sport. He’s even a regular at Empire 47. He often bikes all over their 40 km of trails. He usually stops for lunch at the Manoir du Lac Delage after each trek and takes in the view of the lake in front of the Manor. Sometimes he brings his Carnaval trumpet and listens to it echo across the water.

Can you find his Carnaval trumpet near Lac Delage?

3. Le Relais ski centre

Bonhomme is quite the athlete, and skiing is one of his favourite winter sports. He is blessed to have the Le Relais ski centre right in his own backyard! With 33 trails, 28 night trails, and 3 snow parks, he’s spoiled for choice! Since he’s used to seeing the city all dressed up during the 10 days of Carnaval, he wanted to add a little personal touch to his favourite playground this year.

Can you find the decoration Bonhomme added to the Le Relais ski centre?

4. Hôtel de Glace

Although Bonhomme has his own ice palace at home, he loves to stay at the Hôtel de Glace when he comes to town. It helps him feel at home when he’s travelling! Besides, Bonhomme is a prolific traveller, and like many people, he misses travelling the world. To help him travel, drop a postcard, a letter, a drawing, or a photo about one of your trips in the Carnaval mailbox near the entrance to the Hôtel de Glace. Bonhomme will enjoy taking a journey through your writing!

Can you find the mailbox near the entrance to the Hôtel de Glace?

Continue the adventure at Place d’Youville during Carnaval!

During Carnaval, from February 4 to 13, 2022, Bonhomme will have a new challenge for you. Find two objects essential to enjoying the great outdoors in La Jacques-Cartier: a snowboard and a snow tube. Psst! Try looking near the skating rink at Place d’Youville. Celebrate the end of the adventure with a photo at the photo booth set up at the rink!

Happy Carnaval!

Written by l’Éclaireuse
Photo:  Audet photo