Jacques-Cartier National Parc - Summer

The Jacques-Cartier National Park is a grandiose territory you can’t miss that will amuse families, challenge athletes, and dazzle every visitor.

This vast mountainous plateau cut by deep valleys will enchant you. Jacques-Cartier National Park is home to one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Québec, the spectacular Jacques-Cartier Valley. A sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent river meanders through a 550-metre-deep channel. On its high plateaus, the coniferous forest dominates while the deciduous trees settle at the bottom of the deep valleys. It’s an inspiring and peaceful natural environment.

On site, there are many options: hiking, aquatic activities, biking, fishing, wildlife observation, geocaching, discovery activities, events, camping, cabins, etc.


More than 100 km of hiking trails allow you to enjoy the most spectacular scenery in the park. The trails give you access to exceptional views, whether its on the banks of a turbulent river or in the middle of a yellow birch forest.

In the fall, when Saturdays and Sundays are busiest, hikers can start from the Le Confluent, La Rivière-Sautauriski, Les Loups, La Matteucie, Le Perdreau, or Le Draveur Nord trailheads and must take the shuttle bus from the Discovery and Visitors Centre. Service free of charge.

Water sports

The Rivière Jacques-Cartier is without a doubt one of the park’s essentials. There’s no better way to discover the abundant landscape than through a descent into its sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous waters.

Discover this majestic valley by canoe like the river’s first explorers. This fast boat is great for whitewater enthusiasts and well-suited for long rides with a large loading capacity.
The park offers a wide variety of watercraft (canoe, kayak, mini-raft, inner tube, paddle board) as well as a shuttle service to explore one of the 6 courses offered. Rentals are available by the hour, half day, or full day.


Brook trout fishing is possible on the Rivière Jacques-Cartier and on certain lakes in the L’Épaule, Jumeau, and Sautauriski areas. Fly fishing is also possible at Lac Cook from the Vallée area. In the Rivière Jacques-Cartier, you may catch a parr (small salmon). It is then mandatory to release it, as salmon fishing is prohibited in the park. The daily fishing fee and fishing license are mandatory and can be purchased at the Discovery and Visitors Centre.

Visit the site to discover all the activities.


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